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Unforeseen Consequences

By Doubleplus20-11-2013

The developers of the mod, Black Mesa: Source, the Source Engine recreation of Half Life, has announced that it will be sold in the Steam Store for a "relatively low price." They will also be adding "interesting additions" to the paid version. This may lead you to believe that they have finally completed the game, but unfortunately Xen is "still a ways off."

Really, guys? You take forever, not making a new game, but merely RECREATING a game in a new engine and are totally silent about it for YEARS, then finally release a version without Xen, the game's climax and my favorite part in Half Life. However, this was fine because what was there was fantastic and there's no sense in complaining that a free mod is unfinished. Then you announce that the previously free mod is going to carry a price tag, but say that Xen isn't coming for a while, basically saying "We are going to be selling an unfinished product."

Though, maybe its our fault, as PC gamers, that developers are so comfortable nowadays with selling games they haven't finished yet. There has been a trend where more and more games have been sold as alphas or betas for a year or more before they are officially "released." This isn't an entirely bad thing, either. Many games benefit from user feedback and help shape the way the game grows. However, this comes with a cost of games that are not being molded by its early access being sold as if they are complete products under the guise of "Early access" with no guarantee they will ever be finished. Most of the time, developers do a good job and finish their game, however this opens the possibility that a developer release a game and then go silent and never update it again, or simply stop putting time and effort into it, and since the user has already purchased it, there is nothing they can do about it.

Maybe it seems petty be upset about something so trivial. However I've always been a firm believer that tolerance will eventually lead to acceptance, and it shows in both good ways and bad. Acceptance, while easier, will only lead to the creation of something else that one has to tolerate.

Then again, who really knows? Maybe theres something so amazing they've done with Black Mesa: Source that it makes it worth paying for, even sans Xen. Maybe when it's released, all this complaining will seem silly in hindsight. Maybe tomorrow I'll win a trillion dollars and buy everyone on earth frosty, chocolate milkshakes. I wouldn't hold my breath, though.

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Posts: 341

Source wasnt exactly a real remake though was it?
All they did was put it in source for new physics and water.

Posts: 3290

So...does this mean they're actually going to finish it now?

Posts: 267

Well, good both for them and for fans. Valve has disappointed fans with HL:Source, but they allowed others to make a better remake and even supported them. If only other publishers would adopt those methods instead of sending C&D letters to those who try to improve old games.