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Unfinished 1666 Supposed to be New AC Game

By ember10-07-2013

What would you say to Assassin's Creed being held in 1666? One-hundred years before the War of Independence, the colonies still under British control. Perhaps one of Desmond's ancestors were there to stop or cause the Great Fire of London? Who knows, but according to Patrice Desilets, who created Assassin's Creed and now an ex-Ubisoft employee, he was working on a game titled 1666. Desilet would not reveal much about 1666 to GameReactor Spain, only a bit about Rembrandt being alive and his painting "The Philosopher".

"It was to be the new Assassin's Creed. The first year was to build the team, to study the historical era, but also to create a new IP. The team's time was going on the mechanics, no matter that it was a new IP and the history, just the gameplay. Rembrandt was still alive in 1666, died in 1669. I took one of his most famous painting, The Philosopher, and put it in the design documents for the game, so I referred to this matter, more or less."

Would you have liked Assassin's Creed to take place during 1666?

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