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Underground Titanfall Videos!

By JcDent20-01-2014

Some people do betatesting – meaning, playing unfinished versions of a game to help find and iron out kinks and bugs. Or, as Valve likes to call it, "Early Access" (only beta testers get paid where in Early Access you pay for it!). Some people are testing Titanfall, the upcoming FPS about shooting people and their mechsuits called Titans, right as you read it. And one might even be recording videos (a no-no) and uploading them to the internet (a bigger no-no). So here we are watching three of them!

What we get to glimpse is the pilot AND titan selection screens. Apparently there will be a few pre-made classes, yet we'll also have the ability to take our custom loadout instead. Then you board a drop ship and the party begins! The beginning of the match looks very single-player-ish in execution while the action on the ground does not seem to suffer from the dreaded only 6 players per team. This is in part because of the grunts – just say bots – running around and trying to shoot the pilots (player characters). Couple that with rapid respawns and Titans and fun times never end.

Unless someone jump-kicks you, that is.

The grunts seem to be a great addition, because even in matches with grossly overskilled opponents, you will have people to shoot. And everybody gets a Titan eventually – but those who kill more people supposedly get it faster. Now, while up until that point the game looks like a AAA Blacklight cousin (sans the pleasurable pop of headshot), Titans are really different from Blacklight's Hardsuits. For one, Titans have customizable loadouts, can act independently and are, eventually, given to everyone. On the other hand, Titans seem to be less lethal to pilots (probably because they mill around everywhere) than Hardsuits as well as being a bit easier to take down – for example, by jumping on the back and attacking its components directly, and bypassing shields.

All in, the game looks great!

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This looks like a pretty good Call of Duty clone for the Xbox 360! Pretty good graphics for 2005!

*Looks at calendar*