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Undercover Cop Trailer

By NeonAnderson22-08-2013

An exciting new trailer has been released for Need for Speed Rivals. The trailer does a lot to get players ready for the action that awaits them however, not much of the actual gameplay is shown at all, it does give an idea of what kind of gameplay and mechanics will be in the actual game.

For example, at one point the cops is shown as "locking in" on the target and then rammed the illegal racer for massive damage, instantly taking him out. While at first this just seems like something for the trailer, later in the above trailer an illegal racer is shown using some kind of electronic device. Once activated it destroyed all cop cars around the racer. These are just small teases of what is to come and it is clear that NFS Rivals will feature a variety of electronic car-on-car countermeasures. NFS Hot Pursuit (2010), but it seems to play a far larger role in Rivals.

Beyond this, the trailer also seems to show a bunch of races and high speed pursuits in progress at the same time. This is likely another hint/tease at the multiplayer functionality embedded into NFS Rivals. In a previous news post we have covered this already, but it is well worth noting that this is once again shown in the new trailer. This also tells us that the multiplayer component will play a large role in players experiences on Rivals and I for one am very enticed and curious as to how the always-on multiplayer will work. If you didn't catch our last news post about it, it can be read here.

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Looking forward to this game, as I have played all the need for speeds all the way back to the original PC version which was also out on the 3DO, and some been good and some have been not so good.