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Under the Ocean Sailing Onto Steam

By siegarettes15-01-2013

Announced via Twitter, indie shipwreck survivalism simulator Under the Ocean will be making its way onto Steam. Not only that, but the team didn't go the usual way of having it Greenlit by the community, but was instead contacted directly by Valve. That's some impressive work!

Steam keys are now going out to those who pre-purchased and help fund the game prior to it being added to the service, and presumably will be given to those who purchase future copies of the game as well.

Additionally, the team will be working on Kickstarter that should be coming up in the next few weeks. While the details are still unknown it looks like the team will be possibly be getting a boost in visibility and funding, which will hopefully help develop what looks to be a very promising game.

The game is currently in alpha, but you can get access to the current build and help fund the project over at the Under the Ocean homepage. The team will also be giving away keys for the alpha over on reddit, so it might be in your interest to check out Twitter until it goes live.

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