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Unbound Flames

By Bobfish14-03-2014

After what seems like an eternity, but is actually a really short span of time in video game terms, Spiders' next offering, Bound by Flame has a release date. What, already? Mars: War Logs was released around this time last year, and now...well I'll be, it really is. It's right around the corner. Which begs the question...

How on Earth did they do it so quickly?!

Was this really built in a year? I think not somehow. Though work was still clearly being done on War Logs pretty much right up until its release, and Spiders are a small studio, it stands to reason that Flame was also already in the work. If only as a side project. Meaning the last year, most likely, was spent more on fleshing out and finalising than actually building. Plus, of course, it uses the same engine as War Logs, which saves a lot of time. 'Tis far easier to build assets than an engine after all.

Either way, come May 9th (seriously!) we can dive right in and start murdering everything in the face. Or being murdered in the face. Or murdering murder in the face. Something like that. It's hard to deny, I mean just look at those pictures, it is extremely hard to deny that this is a damn fine looking game. And I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Vertiel, here I come.

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