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Ultra Street Fighter IV won’t Use GFWL

By NAG3LT15-08-2013

Games for Windows Live got a bad reputation among PC gamers since its appearance. There were some high profile games using it at first, but many later instalments have dropped GFWL in favour of Steam. SF4 and SF4 Arcade use GFWL, but looks like Ultra Street Fighter IV will finally drop it. In a recent Twitter post Capcom Digital Media Specialist Neidel 'Haunts' Crisan has confirmed that Ultra SF4 will not use GFWL. While he has mentioned the game will be on Steam, he could not confirm if it will use Steamworks. It is good news, as while it is not uncommon for digital game services to start in bad shape, Steam, Origin and others have been constantly improving since their release, while GFWL only went from very broken to just broken.

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Looks like we know why.