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Ultimate Vault Hunter 2 Announced

By MrJenssen23-07-2013

The fact that Gearbox aren't done pushing DLCs for Borderlands 2 has been known for a while now. We covered it too. It wasn't certain though, what this new content would be. Until now.

Teased through a tweet, Gearbox are hinting at another "Ultimate Vault Hunter" DLC being the next one to come out. For those unaware, the last Ultimate Vault Hunter DLC featured a raised level cap and another New Game+ mode. New Game++? Well, this new pack will surely aim to bring a third plus to that, in addition to another level-cap raise.

It's good to hear, because I always wanted to see what my Axton would look like if he had two turrets, both with two barrels spewing slag bullets and missiles, while also setting off a small nuke every time they're deployed. You know, just for good measure.

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Why...why do I want this so badly?!