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UE4 Character Aesthetics

By NAG3LT27-09-2013

The latest video from the Inside Unreal series has been released and showcases the way characters are modelled in Unreal Engine 4. It mostly covers the way materials work in the engine and the flexibility they provide. The use of more physically accurate lightning allows artists to create a single material, which will work well in all lightning conditions (just like Konami's Fox Engine). This allows artists to achieve greater consistency in game design, as any changes can be quickly applied to all in-game assets without compromising their look. One of the benefits of layered materials was demonstrated by quickly changing one piece of a soldier's armour to copper without doing any texture work. Creating better game graphics is becoming easier with more powerful target hardware.

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Posts: 297

It certainly looks impressive, but it'll just depend what they do with this tech, I mean, there were some developers that did a poor job with UE3.

Posts: 3290

They may have more RAM, but the differences in the rest of the tech are negligible

Posts: 267

As it targets consoles with ~5 GB RAM available for games, things should get better compared to UE3 which targeted 256MB RAM and 256MB VRAM.

Posts: 1317

I hope texture load time gets even worse this time around! :D

Posts: 3290

Honestly, I've never been all that impressed with it. It's good, but not great like people make it out to be

Posts: 166

The unreal engine have always been a good engine, and it just appears to be getting better with every newer version they bring out.