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Ubisoft Will Not be too Close with Nvidia

By NAG3LT02-09-2013

Recently Nvidia and Ubisoft announced a partnership for the publisher's games releasing this year. While the addition of some Nvidia-specific features and bundles were announced in the process, the question about AMD driver availability remained. With such partnership announcements there are some reasons to worry about other GPU manufacturers getting issues on their hardware.

Fortunately, this time the situation looks good. RPS contacted Ubisoft about the deal and have already received a response.  Ubisoft have told them that most work is related to general DX11 features and should not discriminate AMD Radeon cards. The only Nvidia exclusive feature so far is TXAA. Hopefully, both Ubisoft and EA's new releases will live up to their promises of fair GPU treatment.


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Welp, I'm running Blacklist on an AMD rig (everything, including the chipset) and it's running nice and smooth. Didn't even have any problems before installing the day one patch, so I can vouch for the veracity of this claim. Which is weird. Because I usually get all the bugs