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Ubisoft Reflections Working on New Game

By Leigh Cobb09-05-2013

Ubisoft Reflections (formerly known as Reflections Interactive), have another new game up their sleeve in addition to their work on the upcoming Watch Dogs. The British developer has most recently developed Driver: San Francisco, as well as co-developing the Just Dance series and Far Cry 3 with other Ubisoft teams.

Pauline Jacquey, Reflections Managing Director, has said that "We work on [Just Dance 4], and we work on something that I'm not supposed to tell you about. I wish that I could. It's going to be announced at E3". She went on to reflect that:

"Yes, I want us to do our own games and I'm very interested in the evolution of the industry like free-to-play and digital and mobile. And that's something that I did already, in the past. Not very famous games, but still millions of players. So I don't know exactly which shape it could take [...] what we did in the past, driving. It's really cool, I think it's in the top technology you have at Ubisoft. And we have collaboration but we are already doing our own thing, but I can't talk about it."

So it looks like exciting things are afoot over at this Newcastle based developer, with possible hints at a return to their driving (Driver) roots. Whatever this new game announcement ends up being at this year's E3, we still all have Watch Dogs to look forward to in November.

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