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Ubisoft Presents: Open World

By ember19-07-2013

My worst fears have come true, Ubisoft is advocating the open world. Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, said that the company needs to pump out open world games on a "regular basis" during an investor's call. Guillemot claims that because Ubisoft has produced nine open world IPs it gives them a "unique opportunity" to start pushing out more.

NO, just NO Ubisoft. Just like the FPS you will ruin open world games by trying to be "innovative". Soon we'll start seeing open worlds that are "casual". Oh wait, it looks like that may actually happen. Guillemot listed five "breakthroughs" that needed to happen for each Ubisoft title.

"Those breakthroughs are systemic gameplay, co-op and social, low barriers to entry, user-generated content and personalized experience through analytics."


Ubisoft please, do not try to corner the market on everything in the universe. Do what you know best, don't try to pack anything you possibly can into an open world game and please concentrate on other genres along with open world titles. You can not create the perfect video game, but you can create perfect video games with varying genres targeted toward niche groups.


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