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Ubisoft Montreal’s ‘Playable Poem’, ‘Fairy Tale Game’

By BloodyFanGirl23-08-2013

Child of Light is a new project from Ubisoft Montreal that combines influences from the works of Studio Ghibli, Final Fantasy and Limbo but to name a few. The new, itty bitty "internal indie title" is led by Patrick Plourde, the creative director for Far Cry 3, and it is "rejecting the testosterone" of earlier titles he has worked on.

The game will channel the "Squaresoft spirit" through features typically found in JRPGS such as a turn-based battle system. Plourde, speaking at GDC Europe, listed Squaresoft titles Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy VIII as specific points of influence. The game is described as looking like a "living painting", using the "really inspiring" works of Yoshitaka Amano and Studio Ghibli as a visual reference points.

It's interesting to reflect on some choice portions of this UbiWorkshop interview with Plourde in light of this news. In 2011 he said, "Games lack variety in the content – especially 'AAA's. Looking at it with a little distance, the offering is limited. I am afraid that as much as I got bored of being the 14 year old suffering amnesia in JRPGs and stopped playing that, I'm getting bored of being the bad-ass savior of worlds." So it would appear that the creative inspiration behind Child of Light may have been born out of this frustration.

It's unlikely we'll see much of Child of Light before Christmas as Plourde has described it as a "potential next-gen IP". However Simon Carless, GDC organiser, let slip on his twitter that we would have a trailer in a few weeks' time. Watch this space.

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