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Ubisoft Invests in Quebec

By acharris7701-10-2013

Ubisoft is moving their services to Montreal, Quebec. Over a seven year period, they are looking to invest $373 million CAD ($362 million USD) to create 500 new jobs. The main focus is to develop their Online infrastructure, and expand Ubisoft's motion capture technologies. Probably the main reason for moving is due to the tax breaks being better in Canada.

The creation of jobs is always good, and the 500 jobs created are going to be varied. Along with the standard video game production roles, there are going to be "Community and network management specialists, business intelligence analysts, mathematicians, telemetry experts, systems operators, and monetization and interactive marketing specialists," Ubisoft have revealed.

Quebec Premier, Pauline Marois said:

"We firmly believe in the importance of creative industries for our economy and are pleased to have been supporting Ubisoft since their arrival in Quebec, in 1997. Their growth and concrete economic benefits for the Quebec nation are true sources of pride. The project announced today, bringing about important job creation, allows us to foresee success in the future."

The future looks very promising for Ubisoft, let us know what you think of this latest move by Ubisoft.


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