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Ubisoft Could Bring Third Party Titles to UPlay

By Leigh Cobb12-09-2012

Ubisoft's recently revamped UPlay service, newly configured to allow game downloads, friend lists and chat, could soon play host to third party titles, if a statement from Ubisoft's Stephanie Perotti is anything to go by.

"We remain open to opportunities [...] the plan for UPlay goes beyond digital distribution,”

Positioning itself as a competitor to Steam and Origin, third party titles are not just a possibility, but inevitable. Now you can play some decent third party stuff alongside Ubisoft's otherwise dismal line up!

We've got a lot of options when it comes to digital downloads these days: Steam, Origin, UPlay, GamersGate, GOG, even Square Enix's recent browser play service is out there. Let's be honest though, we're all going to stick to Steam aren't we? At least publishers have woken up to just how big a money maker digital downloads are in the PC space, now they all want a slice of Steam's pie.


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Posts: 1548

I am still pissed off when Ubi servers were down and I had to play offline it deleted my local Splinter Cell Conviction saves :(

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Its actually not that bad of a service. THe only problem i had is with saving in cloud. I need to start a game twice to get the save file right. Other than that i could see myself buying games from there. I already did buy the "new" Driver game for 1 euro.... :D