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Ubisoft are Bowing Out

By Bobfish18-07-2014

You know who we haven't heard from recently? Ubisoft. I mean, they haven't been in the news for, ooh, at least three minutes. Let's rectify that shall we? Especially since they did a Rainbow Six stream last night. Yeah, an hour's worth of delicious, Bowing action. A series that has been decidedly unloved since the, admittedly, rather flawed, but still generally enjoyable Rainbow Six Vegas. Fun fact, the first of those is...the only Rainbow Six game I've ever played. I feel so shamed.

The latest entry in the series shows a lot more promise, it must be said. If the whole thing plays out in such confined environments as this, then the glorious levels of environmental destructibility we've been seeing since the E3 reveal are certain to be a mainstay of every experience, allowing for entirely new levels of tactical interaction. Of course, destructible environments are nothing new, not even on such an all consuming scale. But it's dayum nice to see them making such a firm comeback. Nevermind the fact it will put them ahead of the game. Most others in the genre don't seem to bother with it all, and even those who do are still employing it as a gimmick. So you go guys!


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