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Ubisoft Annoucement – Sort Of

By McKaby06-10-2015

It has been 4 months since Bethesda did their “Please Stand By” with a countdown for Fallout 4 (seriously, yes) and it seems Ubisoft has decided to copy it.

As of writing this, the stream has been up for 17 hours and currently has 5,402 downvotes on it, there is no clock or chatting and all we get to see is a slow moving out of a camera on some cave drawings that resets after a few hours, even the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided live-hype build stream was better than this.

What we do know, is that there are Wooly Mammoths and Sabretooth Tigers shown, along with bows and spears, there was a bit of speculation from my friends, but now they just want to know what it is, or at least put up a counter on screen.


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Posts: 3290

And it's confirmed. And is the first Far Cry game I'm actually interested in

Posts: 223

Single player Far Cry game, subtitled Primal. Set in 10,000 BC.

Posts: 3290

According to IGN Turkey, it's an ancient history Far Cry.

I remain sceptical