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Ubi Loves PC...Eventually...Maybe

By breadbitten25-10-2013

Well isn't this just grand? Microsoft's got EA in its obviously deep pockets, with the evil-empire of a publisher throwing timed-exclusive DLC into the equally evil-empire of a corporation's infinite void-ey mouth with all the subtlety of a score of manatees trying to perform an impromptu version of Swan Lake; now we have Ubisoft, the sometimes-unfaithful bedfellow of PC, throwing in all of their chips at into the eager gaping holes of Sony! T'riffic! Just t'riffic!

Shacknews report that the DLC for upcoming Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, an hour worth of extra content that stars Aveline from the PSVita exclusive Assassin's Creed: Liberation, will be a timed-exclusive to be thrown in Sony's cons-holes, leaving Xboxers, the WiiUnion and us Personal Computerers in the dark for at least six months. Not only that but they've decided to throw in the highly promising Watch Dogs into the mix as well! This is all of course assuming that these pieces of DLC even manage to grace our platform at all, given Ubi's somewhat sketchy past regarding this very issue.

I don't know about you but I for one am mad as hell, what we should do is we should all gather at the community center and have an all PC-ers meeting!

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Posts: 3290

We won't to improve relations with PC gamers!

Sorry Ubi, but I can't stay diplomatic about it anymore. You're a bunch of lying cunts

Posts: 1548

At least its coming...hopefully.