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Tyre Kickers Need to Read This

By acharris7710-11-2013

Well of all the simulators, and there have been a few, we now have a Car Mechanic Simulator 2014. As the press release ponders: "Have you wondered what it is like to own a mechanic workshop?" Other than tinkerers of cars, probably not many have wondered that. Finally, thanks to this simulator, grease monkeys can finally live the dream.

The simulator lets you take apart a car, deal with customer demands, then put it back together and hopefully, you will not have any spare parts left, like a couple of wheel nuts, you know nothing important. Here are some of the features that the game offers:

  • unlimited, random orders make every gameplay different
  • hundreds of car parts to be ordered, repaired and mounted
  • variety of things to do: car repairs (engine, exhaust and suspension etc) chip tuning, interims, diagnostic path and more
  • career mode and free play for almost endless game experience
  • 3 different workshops each varying in size and equipment

From looking at the trailers, lots of details have gone into this simulator. It shows a detail view of the various parts of the car and the procedures seem quite realistic to how you would do things in a real life garage. This is something that has a limited market, but could be fun for the right person. Grease monkeys, leave us your comments.

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Oh this looks really cool though one thing I can see getting annoying fast is clicking/holding to screw/unscrew screws. It should be click and its done.