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Tyranny of King Washington Trailer

By NAG3LT10-12-2012

After seeing some news and promo images about ACIII DLC series in alternate history, now we receive a first trailer. While it has a nice narrative about more evil and ominous USA, with a good look at the King’s regalia (including a piece of Eden), there is almost nothing new in it that we didn’t know already. Essentially, all new info in trailer is few flashes in the end showing a new fur assassins’ armor for Connor. Tyranny of King Washington will consist of 3 parts, first of them coming in the Q1 2013.

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Posts: 233

Wait what? This is alternative history? Srlys? I thought...nvm....

Posts: 53

I dunno man, I thought AC3 did a pretty good (unintentional) job of making the Americans look like jerks.

Posts: 1548

haha this must be catered to the Brits. Ubi must be feeling guilty with all the initial game marketing portraying the Brits as the bad guys so they decided to redeem themselves. :D