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Two Star Citizen Videos Show Off New Content

By WskOsc07-09-2015

The above video of Star Citizen is reassuring in two ways – firstly it shows the incredible production quality and inventiveness that's gone into something as simple as a landing zone. Secondly, the frame rate issues are reassuring, at least it's not just our machines that occasionally choke on CryEngine. What's actually being shown off is the Nyx Landing Zone – an in-universe area that will be one of the major landing zones so you can expect to see more of those sweet space rocks and futuristic flashing lights. The future is just rocks and flashing lights right?

The below video might not be as exciting as space rocks but we do get a little look at the in-game visuals from the FPS module known as Star Marine. There's no actual gameplay but getting to hear what might be some of the best weapon sounds in gaming is still worth the watch. Still no word on when we'll actually have Star Marine to play but the latest status update is promising.

Stay tuned for more as we get it.

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