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Twitch Integration Coming to Uplay

By NAG3LT21-09-2013

Streaming Ubisoft games will get easier very soon. Ubisoft has just announced the new update to their on-line service – Uplay 4.0, due next month. It will include integrated support for the Twitch game streaming service and an improved download system for easy auto-patching of games. Improved social features will be present as well, but details about those are not yet known. The press release states.

"Uplay PC 4.0 offers an array of new features in high demand among the PC community. The integration of Twitch, the world's leading video platform and community for gamers with more than 45 million unique visitors a month, enables members to broadcast their in-game videos and share some of their most memorable gaming achievements with friends. An improved download manager allows for the progressive download of games and auto-patching, meaning that gamers can spend more time playing. And a new social wall keeps members up-to-date on their friends' activities."

Finally, Uplay will also be available for Ubisoft games on Xbox One and PS4. Uplay accounts will be shared between those consoles and PC.


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Posts: 166

I have never really done much with twitch, other than setup an account. I will have to take a look at it in more depth lol

Posts: 267

Nobody forces you to view them, Jc. Or maybe other editors of paper magazines do?

Posts: 3290

Twitch is live.

But here's the thing. Ubi are obsessively anal about flagging everything and trying to have it pulled on copyright grounds. So...DAFUUQ?!?

Posts: 228

Oh great, internet needed more shitty gameplay recordings.