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Tweet to Drink or Shoot!

By Toast23-07-2013

PixelJudge members! You can now be a judge yourself with this live action performance courtesy of 2K Games which presents us with Ennis Cole. An agent down on his luck (played by the actor Dominic Monaghan the tricksy little Hobbit), recently losing his wife and son to an undisclosed incident, which is obviously very tragic. You see him partially detailing it in the trailer by type-writing it. The interesting twist to this is that once he finishes this, 2K has left some interaction in the video for links to tweet either #GrabTheGun or #GrabTheBottle. We assume he's thinking about suicide with that gun, or wants to go kick some alien ass, or wants to go on a drinking binge. How about go drinking while shooting stuff? What could go wrong?!

Tweeters will have until the 24th to decide this man's fate, and by then we'll probably know his fate shortly before launch of the game which is on track to happen on the 30th of August. Now remember kids, you should never drink while doing something stupid, that's what adults should do....or not.


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