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Tutorials For Aspiring Dictators

By MrJenssen14-08-2013

Don't worry. You don't have to admit it. I know that we've all been dumbed down over the years by game design that take control away from you in favor of spectacular explosions and mind-numblingly dumb dialogue. Well Paradox is back, baby!

In this tutorial video, aimed at brain-dead people such as you and myself, we're brought up to speed on the basics and new features of the brand spanking new Europa Universalis IV. Paradox know that most of us are retards, so they've streamlined things a bit, by making it more obvious which nations are recommended to play as, but they aren't in the business of alienating professional Risk-athletes, so you'll be able to pick pretty much any country you wish, in any of the given scenarios. There's even an Iron Man mode, for those who are particularly masochistic.

I'm not going to whip you any more, you know you're incompetent already, so just watch the video to get some of that grand strategy confidence back. Unless you're one of the few who can actually call yourself experienced at Crusader Kings 2. In which case, you're the man! Or woman!

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