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Turkeylands 2

By Doubleplus25-11-2013

The second in Borderlands 2's Headhunter DLC series has announced a release date. The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler will be releasing on the 26th of November, will cost you $2.99/£2.39/€2,99 and is Thanksgiving themed. This DLC will allow you to celebrate turkey day by letting you carve a turkey. Of course this turkey will be several times larger than you, has scales and it's still alive and trying to kill you. You will also get to meet Mr. Torque's "Super Buff" Grandma Flexington.

Its good and all but the amount of DLC Borderlands 2 has amassed has absolutely piled up and I'm finding it a little tough to swallow. Has Gearbox bitten off more than it can chew? Are they just trying to gobble up as much money as possible? Okay, that's enough puns. Also, I'm finding it a little boring that they are focusing so much on Mr. Torque. He's been in several DLC and even has one to his own. Gearbox even went completely out of their way to mention he is bisexual for no adequately explained reason other than "progressivism" for progressivisms sake. Give another gun manufacturer more attention, you have plenty of interesting ones. So far you haven't really done anything with Maliwan, despite making Slag pretty much essential for harder playthroughs and Vladof, aside from the pretty awesome and screamy trailer it got, is just kind of there. Please Gearbox. Think of the war profiteers.

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