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Trust Your Technolust

By BloodyFanGirl29-04-2014

They bought everything. The 1% sought control of the 99% and they bought everyone. Well, almost everyone. There are a brave few who are doing everything in their power to avoid becoming part of the 1%’s property – hackers, pirates and you. But the choice is yours. You could strike back, hacking your way towards the truth, or you could just chill at home and catch a movie with your AI. After all, they say the revolution will be televised.

Technolust is an Oculus Rift game on the Unity engine that is heavily inspired by the cyberpunk literature of the 80s and 90s (films like Blade Runner, books like Neuromancer). The hugely ambitious project wants to create an extremely detailed world that allows players to feel like they are truly a part of it, rather than just acting through an avatar. The developers want to create a world of choice: Players can “go to the arcade and experience new worlds or hack into secure networks and fight to set the truth free. As in the real world, the choice is yours.”

Technolust is on Kickstarter and already they’ve surpassed their $30,000 goal. However the crowd-funding campaign still has just under a fortnight to go and the stretch goals sound interesting to say the least. For example if the campaign raises over $60,000, new areas and multiplayer will be added to the game. Furthermore, those who back the project more liberally, alongside all the usual backer-rewards of early access to the game and assorted freebies, will get the chance to be included in the game themselves. These appearances can range from a mention in a line of code to a character with your likeness to an in-game virtual arcade machine and more.

I don’t know about you but this project is shaping up to be everything I’ve ever wanted from a VR gaming experience. However, the premise is massively ambitious and whether the developers can deliver on this remains to be seen. That said, this is definitely a project I will be giving my money to as even if they don’t fully deliver on the vision they present in their Kickstarter video, this will likely still be a notable entry in VR history. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Personally, while not surprised, I am super excited to see that this game has reached its main goal.