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Trine 3 Developers Release Apology Video and Break our Hearts

By drcoolio34529-08-2015

In the last few days Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power has been criticized for being, as one Steam review reads, "a disappointing, short, buggy mess." In response to the criticism Trine 3 has been getting, Frozenbyte's Kai Tuovinen and Joel Kinnunen have released an apology video explaining where things went so wrong for Trine 3, and how because of it Frozenbyte is in a "do or die" situation.

The game's main faults seem to be its 4 hour play time, the "dumbing down" of characters, the lack of challenge, and the simple things that have endeared Trine 1 and Trine 2 to so many people, all of which Tuovinen and Kinnunen seem genuinely apologetic for. It's hard to watch, but you can tell how much Tuovinen and Kinnunen care about their games, their company, and their employees just by watching.

"Yes, the game is shorter than the previous ones in the series, and yes, it is very different because of the 3d. We announced it would be 67 hours during the start of early access, but if we said something about the game being cut in half or not ending completely it could have made a big difference. "

In all this fallout, Frozenbyte is asking that people be patient with them, acknowledges that they've made mistakes, and is keeping their employees in mind:

"...please don't blame the game, or the development team, for the shortness or the cliffhanger ending. Our marketing was stupid enough not to announce our complete plans for the very beginning, so please lash all your disappointment at us. I don't want our development team or the people who made this game losing their sleep or even their health over all this feedback."

Frozenbyte closed their video by saying: "our plans for the continuation of the series are completely on hold" and "we're still figuring out our future plans in this aftermath, but it looks like it's pretty much do or die for us at this point and back to the drawing board...completely."

Trine 3 was a mess, and Frozenbyte screwed up, but when was the last time that we got a public apology for a developer releasing an unfinished, buggy mess? Have we ever? Can you imagine Konami, EA, or Ubisoft ever doing something like this? It takes some real courage to do something like this.


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