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Tribes: Ascend - Blitz it to Victory

By Bis18marck7023-08-2012

Tribes: Ascend will be blessed with a new update introducing the Blitz mode. A variation of Capture-the-flag, Blitz will change the location of the flag after each capture, making it more and more difficult to seize. Thus, the old capture routes become obsolete and the games are sure to become more tightly contested with plenty of drama and action. The Blitz mode will be available on Arx Novena, Katabatic and Dry Dock.

The update also gives the Technician access to a new load out. A new repair kit, turret and primary weapon will add to the shiny. As well as that, Dangerous Crossing and Permafrost will be added to the quickplay queue and the classic Tribes 2 voices have been added to the game, perfect for those that revel in the nostalgia or want to have some alternatives to the often spammed ‘Shazbot’.

For more information regarding this update, check out the full patch notes.

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