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Trials: Its coming Home

By Bis18marck7006-09-2012

Motocross enthusiasts will have to wait until ‘early 2013’ before they can get themselves all muddy again. Ubisoft has announced that the next installment in RedLynx’s physics-based motocross series, Trials Evolution will be brought to PC gamers together with Trials HD, as part of Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. Unfortunately Origin of Pain, revealed for Xbox Live Arcade, will not be making its way into the port.

Excited? Well, if your veins are pumping and the adrenalin is flowing then check out the Announcement Trailer (starring Mr. Sorethroat as Narrator).


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Posts: 223

I will be picking this up!! I hate the MS Points system on the Xbox so that has always put me off getting it. But this complete package will be mine!! Hear that boys...I will have a firm grip on this package

Posts: 241

Dat sorethroat.