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Trials Evolution Gets Day 1 Patch

By MrJenssen20-03-2013

Trials Evolution

RedLynx' 2.5D dirt bike simulator Trials Evolution: Gold Edition was finally announced for PC late last year, it is to be released on March 21 - tomorrow! In the past month, pre-ordering PC gamers have had the pleasure of playing the Beta-version of the game, despite there being quite a few hiccups, as most of the beta participants know already.

Now, the developer have revealed that the game will get a Day-one patch which addresses several of the issues a lot of people were struggling with during the beta. The list includes fixes for Multi-GPU issues, rendering problems, crashes and a general performance increase as well as some optimization for the track editor.

There's also some additions besides the bug fixing. One of the more interesting features of the patch is account linking between Steam and Uplay:

"Steam and Uplay account linking option has been added to the Steam version of the game. By linking their accounts, players can see their Steam friends in the game and easily add them as their Uplay friends"

In other words, you don't have to be afraid of not having any friends on Uplay if you own the game through Steam. If friends of yours also have the game on Steam, you'll be able to play with them after all!

For the complete list, check out the devs forum post for yourself. See you on the track tomorrow!


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Who else here have bought Trials Evo? Can't wait to play the full release. I hope they release those already-released DLC's from the console version, soon!