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Transform and Kill my Childhood Some More

By Bobfish28-05-2014

Too much? Emotionally charged, reactionary title is emotionally charged. And reactionary. And eye catching. Now allow me to disappoint you by saying...Rise of the Dark Spark looks pretty darn good akshully. Not great, hardly, by any stretch of the imagination. The continued success of those bloody Bayformers! is as grating as ever, but the game, at least, shows potential. It looks nice, graphically speaking, with some rather impressive lightning effects, and the fact that giant robots are, well, y'know, robots, means the devs can make them look a lot purdier because they don't have to worry about all that pesky skin and stuff getting in the way.

The most interesting thing in the latest trailer is towards the end. I'm not completely certain, but I do believe that big purple chappy was a combiner. Probably Bruticus, who Activision have confirmed will be in the final game. For those who don't know, combiners are a group of Transformers (in this case the Combaticons) who have personalities and robot forms all of their own, but can also come together to form a much larger robot. We saw one of them, Devastator, in the second film. He was the one with the wrecking ball, uhm, balls. He's also the best known, so it's damn nice to see one of the much less remembered making an appearance instead. It's also something that has been appallingly poorly represented in the games thus far. So kudos for that.

Whether Bruticus is the only combiner we'll see or not is still unknown at this point, but with the game set to release in less than a month, come June 27th, we won't have long to wait. I must admit, despite all my reticence, I'm actually really looking forward to this one.

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