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TrankMania 2: The Art of Assassinating Cars

By Bis18marck7024-11-2012

Ready for some Assassin’s Creed inspired TrackMania action? No not like that. You’re not going to go stabby stabby on your opponents tires but as with all TrackMania games, a lot of jumps will be included in the package. So, you see, the occasional leap-of-faith will be there. For those that enjoy the assassination filled series and also find some joy in the smell of burned out rubber, screeching turns and the roaring sound of a powerful engine – albeit they be digitally – this might be something to catch your eye.

On TrackMania’s 2 Canyon map, check out both the Assassin’s car and those of Abstergo. For some reason, I prefer the one’s of the bad guys. Might have something to do with my nationality...who knows. Anyway, before I once again drift too far of topic, here is a short Trailer showcasing the mentioned automobiles. Have fun.

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