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Trailers, Screens and Artwork – It’s a Duck Blur

By breadbitten08-06-2013

Wow, talk about a blowout! Capcom Unity just unleashed a bevy of media for DuckTales Remastered, the upcoming HD remake of the 1989 classic NES platformer (which is still a bastard of a fun game to play!), being developed by the 2D side-scrolling mavericks at WayForward. The blog post contains a pair of videos showcasing "iconic areas", a handful of in-game screenshots and character artwork from the remastered game. The character "models" appear to be quite high in resolution so expect this to be a fairly sharp looking game...especially now that it's on PC, of course.

DuckTales Remastered is slated for release this summer on current-gen systems and PC as a digital download.


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