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Trailer May Cry

By Bobfish04-01-2013

A new, fully pre-rendered, story trailer has surfaced for the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot. You could, of course, just click play on the video above, and see for yourself, but you do so love reading my self indulgent prattle. So allow me to tell you, in something which will take far longer than the just under two minutes of said video, to tell you all about it. We see our boy Dante (not, that's an A after the D, not an O, DAN-tay, just sayin') posing like a poser who poses as he saunters through a crowd. Then some funky breaking stuff, then some more stuff. And a few other things.

But seriously. There were a couple of things that jumped out at me, both in the closing scenes. First of all was the inclusion of the more familiar, white hair and red overcoat Dante whilst the new chap was, seemingly, in his Devil Trigger state. Also, the demon chappy seemed to be posed as some kind of dictatorial landlord, or politician like individual. Perhaps this is to suggest that the overall narrative will, do you think, feature some degree of social commentary? Perhaps implying that self serving individuals, who prey on the weaknesses of others, are demonic in nature. That would actually fit with the early trailer showing Dante as a mental patient. And raises some interesting questions. Are we going to see a plot twist that all of this happened inside his mind, then another twists, later on, to show it was all real? Strikes me as the kind of thing Capcom would actually do. But as always, see for yourself, and offer your own thoughts.

Oh yeah, and damn! I want me one of them marionettes. They were lush!

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Posts: 67

I'm worried about the gae's performance sales wise. The backlash of the fanbase seems pretty expressive. Ninja Theory is a very talented developer, it sucks that they never had the recognition they deserve.

Posts: 3290

Common consensus is that Dante's Awakening is the best in the series

Posts: 32

I've been playing the demo a lot on my PS3 and it's got me really enthusiastic for the new one. Never cared much for the old games but this one finally got me excited for the series. Even playing the third one again, though I tend to skip the cutscenes...

It seems Ninja Theory are bringing the same kind of world building and art design that they brought to Enslaved on this one, and I'm hoping they have the same quality of character development as well.

Posts: 1548

It seems they gave in a little bringing some of old Dante back. That's commendable.