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Trailer In My Sights

By Bobfish09-03-2013

The official launch trailer for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, due for release on March 15th for the Playatstion 3, Xbox 360 and our beloved PC. It's basically a mash up of all the best bits (subjectively speaking, of course) from previous trailers and teaser videos we've seen over the last few months. It's kinda' hammy, and a little melodramatic, but not in a bad way. Striking a decent balance between show casing the more stylistic gameplay elements, whilst demonstrating a more serious narrative undertone. And much better voice work than the first game. We still have a week to go before we can be certain, but I for one am increasingly confident this will fix everything that was wrong with the first game, and prove itself to be a solid enough game in its own right. But that's just me, feel free to give us your own thoughts in the comments below. Let's keep it civil, though. No sniping each other's heads off...kay?

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