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Tradeout 4

By Bobfish18-11-2013

Let the internet rumours begin. A trademark has been filed for the name Fallout 4. It was filed over the weekend and, so far, appears to be genuine. There is also a teaser website, with a countdown, which all sources seem to indicate was created by Bethesda's parent company, Zenimax. The countdown is set to end on December 10th, but beyond that...this is the internet. Half-Life 3 confirmed right?

Being serious though, let's face it. Fallout 4 is coming, we all know it is, and we all know it will be announced fairly soon. With the new consoles right on our doorstep, one of them already available in some parts of the world, Bethesda would be absolutely idiotic not to capitalise on the high emotions flying around. The only thing I will catuion is not to read too much in to this. Yes, it probably is exactly what it seems, but it could also be something else. Until we know for certain, make of this news what you will.

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Posts: 228

Hope it's not as bad as Fallout 3.

I miss the days when you hoped for games to be spectacular, and not just "good".

Posts: 13

Fallout 4... I never thought this day would come.