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Trademark's Dogma

By Bobfish05-12-2014

Our colleagues at Niche Gamer have just made us aware of a trademark filing for Dragon's Dogma Online. For those unfamiliar, Dragon's Dogma was 2012 console action/RPG by Capcom. Offering an open world, customisable characters and gameplay that was radically different based on precisely how you went about it. My personal favourite class, for example, relied mostly on climbing up the larger enemies ala Shadow of the Colossus and focusing damage on weakspots like eyes, rather than standing toe to toe with them.

We want to stress, however, that as things currently stand, details are exceptionally thin on the ground. Whether this will bear fruit, let alone make its way to the PC, is purely speculation at this point. The original game received high critical acclaim overall, even justifying a re-released game of the year, of sorts, which included in all the DLC to the tune of an impressive ten hours of further playtime. As well as higher resolution textures. But its reception financially was lukewarm at best, with many being left completely unaware of its existence. Those of us who did track it down, however, can personally attest to its calibre. And this, whatever it ultimately leads to, is great news.

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This better come to the PC damnit ¬_¬