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Trade Routes to a Brave New World

By Mokman31-05-2013

Civilization 5 has been touted, for better or for worse, as the entryway into hardcore strategic kingdom-builders/strategic map gaming. It was received with much critical acclaim, despite not meeting the exacting standards of expectation set by the uproaring success that was Civilization 4, it managed to come damn close. And now it seems that with Brave New World, the expansion for Civilization 5, it is going to close that gap once and for all.

Amongst the many features present is one that no doubt leaves all the number-crunchers wet with excitement - trade routes. Finally, as an avid strategic map gamer, the inclusion of trade routes was something that has long since been lacking from the game. Now, according the video, the trade route mechanic has not only been implemented, but also well thought out.

Excited? Brave New World will be available somewhere around July.

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