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Trackmania Turbo Gameplay Video

By drcoolio34511-07-2015

Mario Kart has some pretty bonkers roads with one of them being a rainbow in the middle of what seems like an endless void and all, but Trackmania Turbo is a pretty close second when it comes to crazy racers.

Hundred foot drops, driving upside down, Sonic-style loops to drive through, and you won't be running short on maps to drive on either seeing how as there are 200 of them built into the game plus a track builder mode when you finish those. Trackmania is a pure racing series too, so no weapons, running into blocks, or blue shells to ruin your day or friendships while playing.

Trackmania is an Ubisoft racer that can be played multiplayer or single player coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in November 2015.


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