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Trackmania 2 Stadium Launches, Trailer Tagging Along

By MrJenssen21-06-2013

Trackmania 2 Stadium just launched, and developer Nadeo threw in a speedy trailer alongside the launch, summing up all the additions to the game that's basically a sequel to Trackmania Nations. Adding in a singleplayer campaign featuring 65 maps, a ton of new assets for the revamped track creator, as well as some fixed up graphics, Nadeo seeks to raise the bar further for the gravity-defying franchise. Though Stadium has been available for play through the public open beta since February, the game hasn't gotten its 1.0 patch until just now. The game can be picked up on various digital retailers such as Steam, or through the official site for the low, low price of €9.99. So get your helmets on! If that's your sort of thing, I mean.

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