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TR Could Have Sold 5-6 Million Copies

By Merc09-04-2013

If the title has you scratching your head, it is for good reason. Tomb Raider sold very well, in fact it sold 3.4 million retail copies! That certainly generated a ton of money for most of us in this world. Square Enix apparently was not impressed. The publisher has recently revealed that it projected Tomb Raider to sell 5 - 6 million copies, again this is not a typo. Maybe we are all missing something but 3.4 million copies sounds like a nice number.

There are certainly titles out there that can reach 5 - 6 million copies sold but most do not even come close. Tomb Raider was well received critically by most outlets including yours truly. Square Enix should look at their expectations for what a title should sell because Tomb Raider (while a good game) is not going to sell those insane numbers. Maybe in a couple more years with few more sales but not on release. Sorry to break the sad news to the publisher.

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Posts: 351

I agree that including multiplayer in every game is a bad idea. I hope that this makes them realize they cannot think they will sell 6 million copies.

Posts: 1548

I actually wonder what did projections say that the multiplayer attraction rate would be?

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Yeah Squeenix, if you had only not wasted millions on paying the salaries of the men working on the insanely mediocre multiplayer that nobody cares about, you wouldn't be so whiny about the sales for the game. It's a reboot of a franchise that was almost dead at this point. You can't expect it to sell like hell and high water yet. And besides, it's not like TR just won't sell any more copies from now on. It'll keep selling, you'll keep making money. And when you release the sequel, people will all know that you did a great job on the original, so you'll sell more copies then. It's business 101. Stop whining.