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Toy Soldiers Remastered!

By Toast29-04-2014

The first toy soldiers first graced our Xbox peers a few years back, introducing the tower defence/ 3rd person action hybrid to the First World War era of combat. Then came the Cold War (y’know, after a few dozen conflicts in-between) a year or so later. Then we finally got our mitts upon the first glorious game on Steam, and then we finally got access to Cold War, through the Toy Soldiers: Complete release. We’re still waiting on the original Toy Soldiers to be released in the package, but until now, we didn’t know the exact plans Signal had in store.

It’s literally being remastered, as in a new HUD and new visuals. What also appears to be the case is that former Toy Soldier: Cold War features such as turbocharge powerups and who knows what else will be incorporated in! Well, we’ll have to wait and find out, but in the meantime an investment for 2 great games in one package isn’t such a bad deal for the privilege of Steam early access.

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