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Total War Warhammer Underground Battles Revealed

By Bis18marck7005-09-2015

There is nothing in the fantasy lore just quite like a dwarf unleashed. Mark that down, write it behind your ears, least you fail to remember that a dwarf will never forget, nor will he forgive. After the reveal of some dwarven units a few weeks ago, SEGA and CA have posted another In-engine Cinematic Trailer (meaning the kind of quality you see in cutscenes, not in gameplay) showcasting High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer. Interestingly, but not surprising, Thorgrim is still the good old Grudgebearer we know him as rather than the more enlightened kind of dwarf just before the End Times.

Beyond that, the trailer serves as an introduction to the Dwarven realm, vast networks of tunnels beyond their underground cities, host to battles and skirmishes on a near daily basis. The game will also be featuring such subterranean engagements which will, if done well, certainly spice things up. Sure enough, it’ll be hard to use your gyrocopters underground, but I am still looking forward to a bit of dwarven aircorps action.

You'll have to wait a bit longer to get your goblin smashing on though because Total War: Warhammer isn't due until next year.

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