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Total War: WARHAMMER - Demigryphs

By drcoolio34514-07-2015

The world of Total war: WARHAMMER already wasn't a safe place to set up home in with orcs, chaos, and monsters roaming around everywhere, but the gryphons falling in love with horses to make demigryphs aren't helping.

That's right, demigryphs, as in kinda-sorta gryphons but not really. They're gryphons without wings and the size of a horse, making them perfect for riding into battle on if you want to show off at the same time.

They're armoured and efficient fighters in long, drawn out battles. They can't fly like gryphons, but they're powerful on their own and only the most elite riders can go into battle on them.

No date of release for WARHAMMER, but the 1st in-engine trailer will air on July 17th.

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