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Total War: WARDEMO

By Bis18marck7030-07-2015

The first Total War: WARHAMMER gameplay demo footage has been released depicting the forces of the Empire under Emperor Karl Franz facing off the Greenskins at the Battle of Black Fire Pass. Apparently available as a 'Quest Battle' for the player during the grand campaign, it is our first glimpse of some actual gameplay albeit it be scripted.

Early in development, the game's battles, animations and gameplay are not yet fleshed out. Some of these are addressed by the developer as they become obvious. Other things, such as the use of magic and independent characters both on and off the battle map are also explained, giving us hints as to how the grand strategy part might look like. Overall, it is a neat little look into what could become CA's and SEGA's greatest hit.

That being said, let's be staunch dwarfs for now and hold our enthusiasm until release.

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too neat, those orcs shouldn't be marching in formation, let alone in time.

And those spiders should be eating the occasional ally too.

But it still looks amazing