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Toren hitting PC on May 12

By WskOsc04-05-2015

This one’s a surprise right out of nowhere, elegantly jamming itself right in the hectic May release schedule with a trailer that just screams “You know you want this!” Uh, not literally of course, the trailer has way more style than that. 

In Toren you'll play the part of Moonchild, a girl destined to climb a tower (the titular Toren) on a quest for freedom. Along the way you'll solve puzzles and battle monsters while traversing a "treacherous environment". There's a great big dragon called The Devil that seems pretty likely to get in your way too. 

The official website features plenty more lush art and story details if the moving pictures piqued your interest. Being the first game from Swordtales and helped along by the Brazilian Ministry Of Culture, Toren has a lot riding on it.

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The art style. Definitely the art style

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I've actually been waiting for this one. Not sure what's pulling me toward it but it just grabbed my attention.