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Toren coming to PC early 2015

By drcoolio34512-08-2014

Indie game publisher Versus Evil and Brazilian developer Swordtales have teamed up in an effort to bring to market their newest game, Toren. In Toren, you play as the "Moonchild" as you explore an ancient tower filled with physics puzzles and mysteries called Toren. With the looks of ICO and the gameplay to go with it, It's looking pretty safe to count Toren as a game in the "art" genre.

I would tell you more if we did know more, but all we know is that Toren has been winning its fair share of awards for a while now. An Honorable Mention at the Independent Games Festival, a Finalist for Art Design at the Brazil Game Show awards, and was the winner of the Best PC at the E-Games awards. All this plus Swordtales, the developer, has received recognition and support from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. It's a pretty big deal over in Brazil. Toren is coming to PS4, PC, and Mac in early 2015.

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Do want. Oh hell yes do want! It looks gorgeous