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Tomb Raider PC Features

By Merc04-02-2013

It is nice to see developers try and make respectable ports for the PC - Tomb Raider is following that trend. AMD announced that they are going to have free games with a purchase of one of their graphics cards and Tomb Raider is one of those games. With that reveal also came some nice information on the PC version of Tomb Raider. According to Crystal Dynamics the PC will have controls optimized for the platform, silhouette-enhancing tessellation, per-pixel displacement mapping tessellation, MLAA, HDAO, and a top secret DX 11 effect. Wonder what that could be, guess we will have to wait and find out.

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Posts: 12

Too bad the single player portion is sounding like a giant QTE fest.

Posts: 3290

Dx11. Nice! Underworld had absolutely stunning environments in Dx9