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Tomb Raider - New Screenshots

By Bis18marck7004-12-2012

Set for a release on March the 5th, 2013, Tomb Raider has been in our sights since...well, the first rumours kept popping up. The old games, together with the one or other Indiana Jones, are basically to thank for that most of the Pixel Judge crew was able to pass their Archeology degree – which is, if you don’t know yet, one of the prerequisites to wear the hammer badge. We just can’t wait to take mouse-and-keyboard in hand to steer our heroine once more through the adventures that secured our educational basis.

As with all products that boast a powerful name, Pre-Order details have been released already some time ago. Of course, a sort of making-of can’t be lacking either. While the trailer itself has brought up quite a few discussions about gamers and their attitude towards women, it, in itself, wasn’t half bad. In case you missed the joyous debate that ensued around it, head over here to check out the grunts, groans and shrieks for yourself.

Square Enix Ocean has brought forth a new batch of advertisement in the form of screenshots. Let’s see if they trigger another of those debates.

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