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Tomb Raider Final Hours - Multiplayer

By NeonAnderson09-01-2013

The latest episode of Tomb Raider Final Hours reveals completely new in-depth details about Tomb Raider's already confirmed multiplayer. The video is about 8 minutes long and is well worth watching in its full as it gives some interesting insights into how the developers at Eidos Montreal went about designing and developing the multiplayer of Tomb Raider. As well as some of the challenges they faced when coming up with a multiplayer that would fit within the Tomb Raider franchise.

In summary of the video:


Guardian of Light was what allowed them to first try out a multiplayer environment for a Tomb Raider based game in a low-risk, low budget environment.

Multiplayer will be all about traversal and survival

The environment will also have its own risks and traps

The developer focus is on memorable moments and pure fun

[END of list]

What will be your focus? Do you think you will prefer the single-player or the multiplayer of Tomb Raider? Share your thoughts with us below.

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If mostly anything is climable, than yeah, i can see myself playing the multiplayer too.